Roof Repair & Roof Renewal

Unequaled ready to use roofing products and easy to apply one-coaters that meet and exceed the highest standards of industrial  roofing maintenance products.

You will save thousands of dollars on labor and material costs over expensive repair and replacement costs.

Celebrating  65 Years of Excellence!!!


All-Weather Asphalt Roof Coating

An amazing roof coating formulation that works equally well on dry and wet roofs.

Quality asphalt base reinforced with fiber glass.

Recommended for complete roof renewals or  for emergency patching.

Renews all types of old roofs (except wood shingles).

Applied with brush, roller or spray equipment. Covers at rate of 1 1/2 gallons per 100 square feet on smooth metal.

Always remains flexible under top surface film.

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A Reynolds Aluminum Roof and Sidewall Coating

The most popular aluminum roof coating in America.

Made with pure Reynolds Metals Company aluminum blended with special oils and quality asphalt. Reinforced with fiber glass.

Waterproofs-insulates-beautifies all kinds of roofs.

Also for masonry, block, sidewalls and tanks. [Not recommended for wood shingles or gravel.]

Insulation factor keeps heat in during winter, heat out during summer.

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White Star

White Liquid Rubber Base Coating for Metal Roofs.

Waterproofs - Rustproofs - Insulates

Bring new beauty to dingy, lifeless metal roofs.

WHITE STAR blends synthetic rubbers and is applied as easily as heavy bodied paints.

Cures to a seamless, rubbery membrane that rust proofs, waterproofs, insulates and beautifies.

Acts as a sound deadener.

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Our roof products will save you thousands of dollars and man hours over roof repair and replacement.

Used worldwide and proven for 65 years.