A quick, easy and economical method to repair and waterproof leaking seams and flashings on

rubber membrane type roofs that are rolled out on the roof as a single layer.  Hypalon, EPDM and

modified bitumen roofs.  Intended for roofs no longer under manufacturer warranty.  Apply NEOPRENE 66,

imbed SEAM-LOCK and allow to dry.  Top coat with WHITE-STAR.  One kit provides ample material to

reinforce 300 feet of seam or flashing repair.  Colors: Black or White.

One SINGLE-PLY ROOF REPAIR KIT consists of: 3 5-gallon NEOPRENE 66, 1 5-gallon WHITE-STAR,

1 4"x300' SEAM LOCK.

$1,396.58 per kit    Click either for: 30 Day Orders or Credit Card Orders



The time to fix a leak is the minute you detect the entry of water into a building.  The EMERGENCY

ROOF REPAIR KIT is sized perfectly to make several small emergency repairs.  Both WET-JET and

SUPER ROOF CEMENT have a special water repellant additive that cuts through the moisture to

create a perfect, permanent bond with the roof mat so repairs can be made in any weather, wet or dry,

at any temperature.  After storms subside, WET-JET can be applied to renew the entire roof area.

One kit covers approximately 1,000 square feet on a paper roof - 375 to 500 square feet. on gravel.

One EMERGENCY ROOF REPAIR KIT consists of: 6 5-gallon pails WET-JET, 1 5-gallon  pail of


$1,480.96 per kit   Click either for: 30 Day Orders or Credit Card Orders


The ultimate in an all-weather Roof Cement.  Plasticized asphalt base with heavy glass fiber content to

form extra paste-like consistency for sealing holes, breaks in roof mat, lining gutters and reinforcing seams.

Can be immediately coated over with WET-JET or SILVERLEAF.  Covers at the rate of 1 gallon per 10

square feet of flashing, 1 1/2 gallons per 10 square feet for blister repairs.  Color: Black.

5 gallon pails. $35.16 per gallon (shipped with coating orders only)


For repair over breaks in the roof mat.

A woven glass fiber fabric, asphalt impregnated with tensile strength in excess of 100 lbs. per sq. inch -

twice the requirement of ordinary cotton fabric.  Inorganic, indestructible - will not rot, char, wear or tear.

Reinforcement between the roof and WET-JET or SILVERLEAF.  Recommended for stripping seams,

reinforcing parapet walls, skylights, relining gutters.  Always imbed in SEAL-TEX adhesive bond.

Allow SEAL-TEX 5 to 10 minutes (no longer) to set up before imbedding FABRON.

After another 30 minutes, apply finish coat of WET-JET or SILVERLEAF.

Comes in 6", 12" and 36" widths, each 150 feet long.

6" X 150' $28.76 per roll  |  12" X 150' $52.21 per roll  |  36" X 150" $116.96 per roll

(shipped with coating orders only)


A remarkable adhesive coating designed for the special purpose of bonding FABRON GLASS MEMBRANE

to the roof mat, when it is necessary to reinforce cracks in the roof base - also for strengthening

flashings, seams and joints.  Sets up in 5 to 10 minutes (no longer) for imbedding of

dries completely in 30 minutes.  Covers at the rate of 1 gallon per 50 square feet  Furnished ready for use.  Permanent repair.

55 gallon drum -$23.78 ) per gallon| 5 gallon pail - $24.32 per gallon) (shipped with coating orders only)


This is a pure synthetic rubber sealant of trowel consistency with resiliency that makes it the preferred

product for critical deep surface cracks which have been reoccurring during the roof's history.  Has

400% stretch.  For crack repair, estimate coverage at 100 lineal feet by 1/2" depth by 1/4" width per gallon.

One cartridge goes 30 lineal ft. in 1/8" crack.  For the critical roof repair, estimate 1 gallon per 6 1/2

square feet at 1/4" thick.  Apply only on clean, dry surface when temperature is above 40 degrees F.

Color: Black.

5 gallon pail  $68.00 per gallon | $121.77 per carton of 12 cartridges (shipped with coating orders only)


A warp knit made of 100% polyester yarn fibers.  White in color, it's the strongest polyester fabric available

and offers an excellent combination of high strength and elongation to accommodate unusual stress forces

from thermal shock or building movement.  In combination with NEOPRENE 66 and WHITE-STAR,

SEAM-LOCK membrane is recommended to reinforce weak seams and flashings on single ply roof membranes.  4" x 300 ft long.

$88.23 per 4" X 300' roll (sold with coating orders only)


SEAM-STAR is a butter-like consistency for ease of application.  Withstands flexing over long periods of time.

Can be brushed over seams and fasteners for long lasting sealing before WHITE-STAR Rubber Base Roof Coating.

Surface should be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, rust and foreign matter.

All cracks and seams from 1/64" to 1/8" wide must be reinforced with SEAM-STAR.

Covers at the rate of approximately 75 lineal feet per gallon.  Apply 2" wide, 1/8" thick.

5 gallon pail - $66.64 per gallon  (sold with coating orders only)


A heavy-duty weatherproof polyethylene breather vent.  Easily installed.  Relieves vapor pressure.

Insulation breathers allow wet insulation to dry.

$180.43 per carton of 10  (sold with coating orders only)


An easy to apply, clear, water-based solution that chemically neutralizes existing rust and inhibits further corrosion.  This special industrial formulation is a quick, one-step alternative to priming, improves adhesion and prepares rusted surfaces for painting and coating.  As the latest generation of water-based, chemical solutions for removing rust and converting the surface into a stable oxide, it's the choice of building owners and maintenance supervisors nationwide.

5 gallon pail - $44.35 per gallon (sold with coating orders only)