Roof Repair and Roof Renewal with Wet-Jet

•   Ready to use

•   One-coat

•   Easy to apply

•   Exceeds the highest standards of roofing products.

•   Saves thousands of dollars on labor and material costs over roof repair and replacement costs.


Can even be applied on wet roofs while it is raining.

For commercial, industrial and institutional use, solve the most difficult problems with Wet-Jet.


For renewing sloped and dead level paper, gravel and metal roofs.

For commercial, industrial and institutional use . . .

Solve the most difficult roofing problems with WET-JET


Modern chemistry has produced a new generation of synthetic and blended oils.

Oils that penetrate deeper, provide superior flexibility and last longer than ever before possible.

It is an advance that has positioned  WET-JET far ahead into the future.

WET-JET performs in all climates in over 60 countries throughout the World.

This new technology blended with the finest asphalts gives WET-JET its toughness . . .

the toughness to withstand sub-freezing temperatures and still retain amazing flexibility.

It expands and contracts with the roof mat even through sudden temperature drops.

The fiberglass gives WET-JET the extra strength to bridge cracks and splits . . .

In hot weather it makes sure WET-JET won't sag or run on a metal roof - even at 400 F.

Coated on smooth metal and inclined at an angle of 60°, it won't run or sag.

Our ADDITIVES - X-5 Oil - gives WET-JET the super penetration it needs to restore life to old sloped gravel and paper built-up roofs.

Pinecel thrusts back the deadly oxidizing rays of the sun that break a roof down fast, forcing expensive, premature replacement.

These sophisticated blends give WET-JET super penetration.

Easy to apply with brush, roller or SEAMLESS SPRAY Equipment,

WET-JET goes down fast...a complete renewal takes just one coat  . . .makes renewing roofs a simple job, not a complicated expensive nightmare.

PACE's Total Roof Renewal System with WET-JET roof coating uses the existing roof as a base and will restore, seal, recondition and

waterproof old worn out roofs, saving unnecessary tear off and replacement expense - all in one easy, one coat process.

With our WET-JET Roof Renewal System, over 90% of a building owner's money goes toward the materials which keep the roof watertight.

Expensive contractor labor and overhead costs are bypassed.

Thousands of dollars are saved on even the smaller roofs!

WET-JET has the unprecedented ability to expand and contract and withstand tremendous temperature changes.

Because WET-JET will give and take with the movement of the roof, it will not peel, crack or become brittle even under sub-freezing

temperatures - unsurpassed for complete overall roof renewal and savings.

With WET-JET, the original Wet Surface Coating, emergency repairs can start immediately.

WET-JET sticks to the wet roof, stops the leak and keeps it stopped.  There's no need to wait for the sun to shine. WET-JET keeps production going and the business running; there's no lost production of business due to a damaging roof leak.

Then when the storm abates, the complete roof renewal can be accomplished.

Available in 55 gallon (205 liter) drums and 5 gallon (20 liter) pails.

Emergency Roof Repair Kit

Stops roof leaks even under water. Kit consists of 6-5 gallons pails of Wet-Jet,

1- one gallon pail of Super Roof Cement,

1 - 6" X 150' Fabron Glass Membrane, 1 Roofing Brush.

$1,452.31 per kit

The time to fix a leak is the moment you detect entry of water into a building.

This Emergency Repair Roof Kit is sized perfectly to make several small emergency repairs.

Both Wet-Jet and Super Roof Cement have a special water repellant additive that cuts through the moisture

to create a perfect, permanent bond with the roof mat so repairs can be made in any weather, wet or dry, at any temperature.

After storms subside, Wet-Jet can be applied to renew the entire roof area.

One kit covers approximately 1,000 square feet on a paper roof

375-500 square feet on gravel.

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To Order Click Either: Credit Card Orders or 30 Day Account

Complete roof renewals include a TEN YEAR ROOF COATINGS WARRANTY

Providing state of the art industrial roofing and maintenance products to the world for 62 years

Sold for commercial use only


All-Weather Asphalt Roof Coating

[minimum shipment: 40 gallons]

5 gallon pail  - $159.55 ($31.91 per gallon)

55 gallon drum  - $1,724.25 ($31.35 per gallon)

For complete roof renewals and emergency patching.

Renews all types of old roofs, except wood shingles.

Applied with brush, roller or spray equipment.

Covers at rate of 1 1/2 gallons per 100 square feet on smooth metal.

2 gallons per 100 square feet on corrugated metal.

3 gallons per 100 square feet on sloped or flat paper, mineral roll/composition.

6 gallons per 100 square feet on sloped gravel.

8 Gallons per 100 square feet on dead level tar and gravel.

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Super Roof Cement and Fabron